Names Screenprinted or Embroidered


Standard Names



Front or Back Locations - full Size 12" wide name

Front Small, Left or Right Locations - .50" high/tall letters

Standard Font - Sport Teams - Ivy League / All other orders - Verdana


Custom font name or numbers are available for an additional charges. Please specify this in the client notes section when you place your order, and send us an email with the custom font attached. Typesetting & film charges apply for all names and/or custom font orders.  Contact us if you have questions!



Standard sizing & fonts for numbers/names

EMBROIDERY Numbers                  EMBROIDERY Names

89                      SALLY SMITH

Full Block  - STD Font                        Front Small, Left or Right or Sleeve Locations

2" inch tall Numbers                          Grotesk - STD Font

                                                      .50" High/tall letters for std block style fonts

                                                      .75" High/tall letters for script style fonts

                                                      Some fonts may have to be all caps text for                                                         better clarity


Our most commonly used font is Grotesk, that looks the best for embroidery. We recommend that names or regular text be around 0.5 inch tall & numbers be around 2 inches tall. For script/cursive fonts, we recommend doing names/text at 0.75 inch tall for clarity.  Custom fonts provided by the client can be used at extra cost and typesetting & digitizing fees will apply.


Please note that Serif fonts (such as Schoolbook) are slightly more difficult to embroider, because the serifs (small lines that come off the ends of each letter) can sink into the fabric. We do not recommend using Serif fonts on fleece or Better Sweater material.


Imprinting / Design Proofs Guidelines

All Designer/Design IT, Design Proof or Mockup product pictures are on a size LG or XL model and/or blank product.  A logo or text will not look the same (proportionately) on a SM size verses a XL or 2X size product. Please consider this when chooses the size of logo or text you are using in the Designer/Design It or wanting on the product.  When actually imprinting on products the logo/text will look different & vary depending on product size, so we will imprint the exact measurement/size (wide) you choose in the Designer/Design It.  Design Proofs and/or Product Designer or mockup show approximate location, size of logo, & imprint colors only & is not exact to the physical imprinted product.  When in production the location & placement of imprint may vary up to 2" inches (up, down, left or right) based on the size of product (xxs thru 6x).  Logos will look slightly different on various fabrics & sizes of product.  We recommend an added box/shape behind logos when embroidering on fleece, knit or sweater type materials, to make logo more clean looking, giving it a flat surface to imprint on. Text will not always look clear or thick lines and is determined by type of font.  The smaller lines or thickness of font the less clear it will look.  Bigger, thicker lines for fonts embroider better.  With embroidery, as a general rule the bigger the logo or font/text the better the overall logo will look.  The smaller the logo, font/text the worse it will look.  Recommended minimum size for logos or text is 3.5 inches wide or larger.


Headwear Disclaimer (caps, beanies, visors, etc.)

Caps, beanies, visors or any other type of headwear products will print or sew differently per batch or run.  Each individual cap, hat, (headwear) etc. is not constructed exactly the same & can be constructed by the manufacture 1/4" of an inch or more differently left, right, up or down.  With printing or embroidering on a curved surface the logo and/or text can be slightly angled toward the left, right, up or down.  Each individual cap/headwear can be printed or embroidered from 1/4" of inch to 1" inch  left, right, up or down, depending on the construction of the cap, from one cap/headwear to another.  Please do not expect that every individual cap/headwear item will look exactly the same in each order or in a repeat order that is done later.  Text will not look exactly the same per cap/headwear.  Letters or numbers can be curved or angled due to the curved surface of the cap/headwear. Text on each cap/headwear will not look exactly the same.  Manufacturers can slightly change headwear measurements on their products at anytime.  No Product is sewn exactly the same by any manufacturer on any product!



We do our best to match the mockup you create when printing the final products, but placement may vary slightly depending on the garment size. Please also note that garment sizes affect how large the design looks in proportion to the garment -- e.g. a 10" wide design will look smaller on an XXL than on a Medium.  Also, we have standard location placements & we will place logo per our standard placements, so it may vary slightly from where you place the logo on products in the designer/proof.  Logo placement can vary up to 2" inches left, right, up or down, depending on product sizes, seams, zippers, pockets, collars, etc.  Custom locations are available upon request & extra charge.