Terms & Conditions for Orders



We provides a printable & emailed copy of your order/purchase receipt at checkout time. The submission of your order indicates the granting of your permission to process your order, including permission to process your payment and to produce your order. If an emailed design proof (s) is included in your order, We will wait until you have approved the design proof(s) before proceeding with the production phase of the order.

NOTE that unless otherwise indicated, shipping charges are processed SEPARATELY for custom imprinted or embellished products. This is because the actual shipping weight and packaging details are not accurately known until ship time.

Contact us in order to request changes to your order. Please do so in a timely manner, since certain changes may not be feasible after the production phase of your order has commenced. Orders that are revised for any reason are subject to being explicitly re-approved by the client before further processing of the order can continue. Certain Order changes may prevent us from shipping your order in time to make your requested in-hands date.

If payment information for the order is changed, the client must complete & return (as an email attachment or fax) our Credit Card Form - we do not take Credit Card info by phone. Credit card payment will be processed within 24 hours (business days) and receipt emailed.

Once production is completed, order will ship/ready for pickup. If paying by credit card, any balance due plus shipping charges will be charged AUTOMATICALLY to your credit card. This includes shipping charges, and any charges due as a result of changes to the original order. If payment is by check, production of your order will not be started until received.

Check your inbox & Junk/span mail folders in case some of our emails end up there.  We recommend that clients add our email addresses to their mail program's address book so that our emails do not get routed to Junk Mail. Quotes, Orders, Design Proofs and Sample Sewouts are routinely sent as PDF and JPG files.


Check, Cashier's Check, Credit Cards (MasterCard & Visa). American Express is not a preferred form of payment, and, if used, there is a 5.25% CC processing fee applied to order. Company/ Personal checks will not be accepted without prior approval, (a credit application must be submitted & approved). Net Terms are not extended until a client conducts repeat business volume minimum of $7,500 in sales per year. $45.00 Fee for returned checks. There's a fee for credit card transaction charge-backs which are disputed, yet unsubstantiated.



If total Order amount (excluding shipping) is over $3,000, check or cashiers check or wire transaction is required for order payment, versus credit card.  If credit card is only form of payment then a fee of 3.50% or current rates will apply. Production of order will not begin until payment is received and/or cleared. The shipping costs portion of the order may be paid by credit card or check at our discretion and fees may apply as well.


When order is completed, remaining balance is due upon completion & before shipping. This balance due will include any shipping & handling charges & any charges due as a result of changes to the original order. If initial payment is by credit card, any balance due plus shipping & handling charges will AUTOMATICALLY be processed on same credit card initially provided, BEFORE your completed order can be released for shipping/delivery. If initial payment is made by check or wire transfer, and you choose to pay the balance plus any shipping & handling charges by check/wire transfer as well, the completed order will be held and not shipped until check is received. Allow time for this when considering and calculating an in-hands deadline date for delivery to you.



Shipping/freight, handling charges are EXTRA, and this fact is set forth on Order Acknowledgement.  When you approve it, you are agreeing to those future charges as well & the applying of the charges at the time of shipping the order. Once order is completed, boxed & weighed then shipping amounts are calculated & added to the order.


When order is completed, remaining balance is due upon completion & before shipping. This balance due will include any shipping & handling charges & any charges due as a result of changes to the original order. If initial payment is by credit card, any balance due plus shipping & handling charges will AUTOMATICALLY be processed on same credit card initially provided, BEFORE your completed order can be released for shipping/delivery. If initial payment is made by check or wire transfer, and you choose to pay the balance plus any shipping & handling charges by check/wire transfer as well, the completed order will be held and not shipped until check is received.


Charges are based on carrier fees & we will not be responsible for any cost variations due to changes in weight, location, delivery time, handling, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Handling charges are $10.95 per location.  Some orders may incur additional charges from carrier at a later time when we are billed from carrier & these costs will be charged to our client for their order shipped.  We will notify client of additional charges & need a credit card to pay for this. Example of extra or additional charges are; client does not accept package, not available to sign for package & is shipped back to us for reshipping, address was given to us wrong or carrier cannot ship to address given to us by our client. 


Due to high-dollar value of finished goods, all shipments require a signature upon delivery, so make arrangements for a signer if you will not be at your shipping address at the time of delivery.  Packages cannot be left on doorstep.



Any client-supplied artwork is subject to approval by our art department & may require an additional charges, due to poor quality, not high resolution requirements, pixilated, not clear or clean art, etc.  All screen, film & digitizing, etc. will remain our property & client is only charged for labor or producing the screens, films & digitizing. If we create any custom new artwork design for a client, the client may request up to one (1) revision of said artwork in price given. Revisions beyond one (1) will be charged at our standard graphic design hourly rate. If we are given artwork by the client for modification, the client may request one (1) free revision after the initial modification have been made. If ANY changes are made to client's artwork from one order to another as in a reorder (size of design, imprint color changes, added text, taking images or text off design, etc), additional charges will be incurred for custom art design, digitizing, design proofs, films and screens as these items will require new production packets/info.   



Unless requested, we do not backorder shortages due to spoilage or under run. It is our policy to wait until all goods in an order are received by us before running the order, so all items are produced at one time. If a portion of goods for an order becomes backordered, & the client desires the currently available portion of the goods to be imprinted at a separate setup time from the backordered goods, the order will be split, & client will incur separate setup charges & possible unit cost increase due to quantity produced on each separated order, due to the labor involved to setup each separate order.



Cancellations will NOT be accepted once order approval or art approval is received, nor for finished merchandise. Cancellations made prior to production will be billed for all charges incurred up to that date. Cancellations must be confirmed in writing. All cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee in the amount of $45 per order., plus any handling, shipping, product restocking fee and credit card processing fees (if payment was made by credit card). Other Cancellations may apply according to order details.



We accept claims for flawed/misprinted (made by us during the imprinting process) products only & must be made within 72 hours from receipt of merchandise.  Contact customer care for details.



We will not be responsible for bleeding or other printer problems due to the nature or quality of customer-supplied goods, nor for any damaged goods we receive from client.  We are not responsible for merchandise once shipped.  Client is solely responsible for examining their own goods before shipping them to us for imprinting.



One digital design proof fee is $13.50 per proof  (up to 2 locations on one garment on 1 proof only)



Multiple drop-shipment handling charges are $10.95 per location.



To be specified by customer, unless client requests us to make such decisions.

(imprint area and location are the same)  Client is to specify the size of logo in each imprint area, unless client requests us to make such decision.  We reserve the right to resize any logo that will not work with our printing presses capabilities.  All Screenprint, Embroidery and Number printing machines have specific guidelines and limitations to imprinting on products.



Minimum order quantities apply to all order types & products.  Under minimum quantities for an order may incur a fee.  Call for details.



All orders are subject to factory approval of styles, quantities, & other related criteria, including our ability to meet your requested delivery date. In addition, we reserve the right to decline any order based our own judgment or capabilities.



Allow 3% to 5% for over & under runs on all orders, including promotion items, screenprinted or embroidered apparel or goods, printed numbers, print materials, signage, etc.  If there is an overage on promotional item, print or signage orders or any order processed with us, then that extra quantity will be automatically added to the order at the time of invoicing & shipping the order.  We will charge automatically the extra cost for overage items at time of shipping and invoicing your order.



Additional charges may apply for special packaging or un-packaging requirements on all orders, including but not limited to customer supplies goods/orders.



Setup charges are mandatory charges assessed with every order including reorders, as well as split orders resulting from a partial backorder of goods.



Rush charges will be applied whenever turnaround time required by the client is less than (7) working days after receipt of signed order and/or artwork/design proof approval. Call for schedule & pricing. Rush charges vary depending on size & type of order.


Inform us at placing order time if sample(s) will be required for pre-production approval. Samples can be provided (typically) within (5-7) working days after receipt of signed order approval, depending on type of product being decorated or imprinted. For non-imprinted goods, blank samples must be requested & purchased at time of order submission.



Garment Prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer price changes & availability.  If a price change occurs prior to production, we will notify you of said change and seek your approval to proceed under the new pricing.



Normal production time is 10-14 working days from receipt of your signed order approval & artwork approval, but time may be extended depending on workflow, especially during peak seasons. Also, quantity ordered & complexity of imprinting may require additional production time.  Allow an extra week for orders requiring specialized printing techniques.  Add 5-7 working days for Pre-Production Samples. When computing an anticipated must-have, in-hands delivery deadline, shipping/delivery method is factored in & will affect production timing of order. RUSH service is available--call for details.



Printing prices are per location with the same imprint (screens/digitizing). Different designs cannot be combined for quantity pricing.  Please allow for additional screens/digitizing when ordering adult & youth sizes in the same order & these will be separated as two different orders, with the difference being design size.   Pricing will be reflected when imprinting different sizes of a design in one order.  Client does receive a quantity discount based on the volume of the quantity ordered.



Returned goods will be subject to a re-stocking fee. Goods that are damaged after receipt by client will not be accepted for return. Only those goods that are returned for manufacturing defect will be accepted for return. Goods flawed due to our error may be replaced and/or exchanged by us depending on the circumstances.



We will not be responsible for spoilage up to 3% to 5%, whether our goods or customer-supplied goods. Any spoilage beyond these rates will be reimbursed, depending on the circumstances --please call.  Client will be responsible for any necessary reprinting due to shortage within the spoilage rate. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to order more garments than needed for each size, as a separate setup charge will be incurred as well as higher imprint qty costs.



Phone orders will be accepted, but written orders (including online orders) are highly recommended to insure accuracy.  We will not accept responsibility for sizes, ink color, placement, logo size, shipping, etc. unless order approval is obtained in writing.   Client is responsible for verifying & checking the order acknowledgement thoroughly before approving the order.  If Client approves an order & there are mistakes (pricing, logo or imprint info, shipping address or info, or the order entirely) then client is responsible for reprinting the order and at their cost and we are not liable.  Original order is still due to us with all cost given originally.



The client is responsible for providing the necessary Artwork Files having proper resolution and imprint information as needed. Artwork should be at least 300dpi resolution for screenprint, embroidery and other promotional imprinting purposes. For printed materials such as banners, flyers, business cards, binders, etc., resolution should be at least 600dpi, or (preferably) vectored artwork should be supplied. If the client is unable to provide the necessary artwork in the appropriate format, we can create new artwork (or modify existing artwork) in order to produce satisfactory artwork. Such artwork creation and/or modification will be charged to the client at our regular graphic design rate.