Embroidery Guidelines

Embroidery Thread colors

Below are our available thread colors.

Please note: The way thread color(s) appear on your monitor or printer may not accurately represent how the thread looks when seen on the actual embroidered product.

Embroidery thread colors may not be an exact match to existing Pantone (PMS) colors. We can only match as closely as possible to the color(s) you are requesting.

Prior to production, we will send you (via email) a digital sample of your logo sewn out on a sample piece of material in the exact thread colors that will be used in the production of your order. You will need to approve the thread colors we have chosen prior to the commencement of production. This allows you get a good idea of what your design should look like once it is produced. Production samples are available (additional charge(s) apply) and can be shipped to you at your request.


Standard sizing for numbers/names

Full Block - STD Font
2" inch tall Numbers
Front Small, Left or Right or Sleeve Locations
Grotesk - STD Font
.50" High/tall letters for std block style fonts
.75" High/tall letters for script style fonts
Some fonts may have to be all caps text for better clarity

There will be a typesetting charge for both standard and custom names and numbers. We have a small selection of fonts available for standard typesetting (as shown in a list within the Design-It tool). If you would like a specific font, please upload the text as a graphic image so we can digitize it to be an exact match.

Our most commonly-used font is Grotesk, which tends to produce very good results for embroidery. We recommend that names or regular text be around 0.5 inch tall & numbers be around 2 inches tall. For script/cursive fonts, we recommend doing names/text at 0.75 inch tall for clarity. Custom fonts provided by the client can be used at extra cost and typesetting & digitizing fees will apply.

Please note that Serif fonts (such as Schoolbook) are slightly more difficult to embroider, because the serifs (small lines that come off the ends of each letter) can sink into fabric. We do not recommend using Serif fonts on fleece or Better Sweater material.